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Under the Education Act of South Australia, parents and /or caregivers are held responsible for the regular attendance of all children in their care.

All children aged between 6 and 16 years of age must be enrolled and attend school regularly.

It is important that student’s regular attendance is encouraged and that they are not kept at home unless absolutely necessary. Good habits and practices start early in life.

If your child is absent, please let his/her teacher know. A written note or phone call is required. The school can be sent a text message on its attendance phone 0416 906 257.

Attendance letters are sent home frequently for students who are at risk of disengagement from school due to their irregular attendance.

DECD states that absence is considered as:

Principals have delegated authority from the Minister to approve applications for temporary exemptions from school attendance for periods of up to one calendar month. Parent / caregivers should complete an ‘Application for Exemption from School’ form and forwarding to the Principal giving relevant details of the holiday.

If the attendance problem continues the Principal, in consultation with the teacher, will refer the matter to our District Attendance Counsellor.

Department of Education and Child Development (DECD)

The Education Department is now called DECD-the Department for Education and Childhood Development. Telephone numbers for all offices and divisions of DECD are listed under “Department for…’ in the White Pages Telephone Directory.

The Flinders Street switchboard number is 8226 1000. Along with the acronym ‘DECD’, many other acronyms are used by staff at the school. If we use ‘education jargon’ that you have not heard or are unaware of, please let us know so we can use the full titles.

Dogs on School Grounds

It is an offence for any dog to be on school premises or school grounds unless special permission has been given by the Principal. Owners of dogs found on the school premises are liable. Under section 39 of the Dog Control Act there is a fine for any dog picked up on school grounds by local council inspectors. The only exception to this is guide dogs and working dogs.

Dogs on Premises Policy

Dress Code


Green and Yellow Tops

Year 7 students only-Black and yellow tops

Bottoms Black bottoms-shorts, skirts, pants
Hats Black or green hats, No Hat No Play policy (Sun Smart Policy)
No makeup or jewellery, watch and small studs/sleepers only
Enclosed Shoes
School Uniform Policy


Students are not permitted to leave the school grounds on school excursions without the written consent of their parents/caregivers. Aquatic Consent and Medical Forms must be completed for any activities involving swimming. Short walks are requested via the Student Consent Forms. Students must be in full school uniform for all excursions to ensure they can be easily identified when offsite.

Swimming and Aquatics Consent Forms

Medical Consent Form for Camps

Camps and Excursion Consent

Family Law Policy

The school will support children involved in family law issues by focusing on the educational
interests of the child and by maintaining a neutral position between parents and caregivers.

All students are to be enrolled and known by the name on their birth certificate, unless provided otherwise by Court Order or signed consent of both parents/caregivers.

Copies of all parenting plans/court orders (along with any restraining orders or domestic violence orders) are to be provided to the school at enrolment (or when made or reviewed) to be kept in confidence on the child’s file. The principal, the child’s teacher and any other relevant staff will be informed of the existence and content of the parenting plan/court order.

If no parenting plan/court order (or restraining/domestic violence order) is provided, the school will assume equal shared parental responsibility and will provide all relevant information (including newsletters, notices and reports) to both parents. If one parent’s contact details have not been provided to the school, the school will provide all such relevant information upon request by that parent.

Smoke Free Zone

In accordance with government regulations this school is a Smoke Free Zone.

Smoke Free Zone Policy

Student Records

As required by DECD schools maintain a Pupil Record Folder for each student. The folders contain enrolment information, copies of student assessments and reports, any relevant documentation related to student’s learning needs and special education programs, and any medical information provided to the school by parents/caregivers or their practitioners.

The Pupil Record Folder serves as a cumulative record of student’s schooling. The contents of the folder are only on a ‘needs to know’ basis. If a student transfers to another school, the folders are passed on to the next school.