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Planning and Reporting

Assessment and Reporting

Throughout the year, teachers will gladly arrange interviews with parents/caregivers who wish to discuss a child’s learning or any matter of concern.

Term Activity
Term 1 Acquaintance Night and Interviews
Term 2 Written Report
Term 3 Interviews
Term 4 End of year summary report


The most important benefit for homework is primary school is the opportunity it provides for students to share their learning with parent/family/carers. It also provides a means for children to accept responsibility for some learning outside the classroom, particularly in the upper grades. It loses vale when it becomes a tedious chore without relevance to the student. Homework is not intended as an imposition but rather as an indication to children that learning is a whole-of-life process.

Department for Education and Child Development (DECD)

The Education is now called DECD-the Department for Education and Childhood Development. Telephone numbers for all offices and divisions of DECD are listed under “Department for…’ in the White Pages Telephone Directory. The Flinders Street switchboard number is 8226 1000.

Along with the acronym ‘DECD’, many other acronyms are used by staff at the school. If we use ‘education jargon’ that you have not heard or are unaware of, please let us know so we can use the full titles.

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