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Principal's Welcome Message

As Principal of Munno Para Primary School, I welcome you to our school’s website.  This website has been developed to enable parents, students, and visitors to the site, to become familiar with our school, its policies, and other procedures that are essential for the smooth functioning of our school.

Our school’s values are: Respect, Responsibility and Success. These are central to our programs and focus on teaching, learning and whole school improvement. We have a strong and ongoing focus on Literacy and Numeracy along with Well Being. We believe if students are successful with their learning then this will support their wellbeing.

As learners in the 21st Century, it is important that our students have the skills and dispositions to support them through all of their school years and beyond. ICT plays an important role in this process. As utilisers of online technologies, there has never been a more important time to be able to read, critically question and communicate all types of information.

We offer specialist subjects that develop skills and values in the areas of German, Health, PE, and Science. We acknowledge and support the integral part that Science and STEM and the school has changed their specialist non-contact subjects to allow for this. It is an area that we support and will further develop across the school. DECD have stated:

“The number of jobs that require STEM skills is increasing each year and research shows 75% of jobs in the next 10 years will require STEM skills.”

“It’s essential we engage students in all facets of STEM education to maximise their opportunities beyond school.

“STEM is not only about learning science, technology, engineering and mathematics as discrete subjects – it's also a cross-disciplinary approach to learning that develops skills such as problem solving, creative thinking and critical analysis.”

Munno Para Primary is an exceptional school with a dedicated staff and a wonderful learning environment. Further information can be found on our webpage. A time can be made with  Leadership if you need further clarification.

Thank you,

Belinda Kopania


Munno Para Primary School was first opened in 1978. The first principal was Mr Roy Williams. They were all wooden transportable buildings. The school had a canteen from the very beginning. It was situated out the front of the school. It moved to where it is now in 1982 when the gym was built. This was also when K and M blocks were built. In 1983 the old A block buildings were brought in to replace buildings that had been burnt in a fire. The old A block was removed and the new A Block was built in 2011.

In 1994 the new school buildings were built-D block and the new office. Some of the wooden buildings were taken away and some were moved. School uniform was not compulsory in 1994 but students were encouraged to wear the school colours of green and gold. Black was incorporated in 1995.

Over the years the school has had a lot of work. The playgrounds expanded so that both UP and JP had play equipment. Paving was done and the old tennis courts eventually became the COLA that we see today.

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Munno Para Primary School is situated in Adelaide’s Northern suburbs. It is 32.7 kilometres from the Adelaide CBD and 9.9 kilometres from Gawler CBD. (See Map)


There are 16 classes, one of which is a district Speech and Communication class. There are 4 buildings, which consist of the classrooms and other specialist areas.

The school provides outstanding facilities with a Covered Outdoor Learning Area (COLA), referred to as the COLA, a large indoor gymnasium, an outdoor cooking area, Resource Centre and Art Room. All classrooms have interactive whiteboards and each learning area has access to a pod of computers on wheels, (COWS) or IPads. The school provides specialist teaching in PE and Health, German and Science.


The grounds of Munno Para Primary School are well established and maintained. We have a grounds person who works across the school to keep the grounds in good condition. We are fenced around the school perimeter and our oval has a small fence around it.

School Bell Times

8:45 am Bell - All teachers need to be in their rooms to greet students
8:50 am Bell - First Session
11:00 am Bell - Eating in Class
11:10 am Bell - First Yard Duty
11:25 am Second Yard Duty
11:38 am Bell - All class teachers should be at their class (unless on yard duty)
11:40 am Bell - Second Session
1:10 pm Bell - Recess
1:28 pm Bell - All class teachers should be at their class (unless on yard duty)
1:30 pm Bell - Third Session
3:00 pm Bell - Dismissal

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